BeadStudio upcoming release

Hi everyone!

I am excited to announce an updated version of BeadStudio released to Google Play 24. February 2021.

I am adding a whole bunch of improvements to this release including

  • New colors from HAMA
  • Support for Yantjouet Yant beads
  • Improved ArtKal colors
  • Diamond layout of beads in staggered/alternating squared boards
New HAMA colors
Yantjouet Yant Beads – midi and mini
Diamond grid option
Normal grid
Diamond grid

New BeadStudio 11.3 release!

A new release of BeadStudio is being rolled out as of this writing! I found a very annoying bug in 11.2 where some users buying the Pro edition of Bead Studio Free would be refunded by Google automatically after 72 hrs. This was both annoying to me as it would loose the money and to the users as their Pro features will be revoked when uninstalling or using the app on another device.

Besides this bug I have added a couple of figures namely a small star and a small heart (very useful for the coming Christmas Holidays).

So get your copy of the new release 11.3 of BeadStudio Free here.

Small heart figure
Small star figure