I am Martin, 44 year old, farther to Sigrid and Einar, living in Aarhus-DK. Professionally I work as team manager for an extremely cool and skilled bunch of Linux developers at Prevas A/S.

I am passionate about winter bathing at Jomsborg, sailing, running and retro computers like C64 and old PC’s and of course software development.

I have been developing software for more than 30 years. Starting for fun as a kid back in 1990, then professionally and now mostly as a hobby.

The idea behind Bead Studio and now Stitch Studio came to me when playing around with beads together with my kids. I thought it would be cool if you could convert a photo into the colors available from for example Hama. A prototype was quickly programmed and people I showed it to thought it was a fun and neat idea. Soon I had made version 1.0 and released it on Google Play.

This was 1. September 2016. Now, 4 years and more than 100.000 downloads later and countless of hours it has now reached version 11.1 with many new features.

But Bead Studio wouldn’t be what it is today without the numerous emails asking for new features or patiently reporting issues. So THANK YOU 🙂

Hopefully Stitch Studio will reach the same popularity and user base, but only time will tell.