Welcome to Craft Studio! This site is dedicated my ventures into app development for crafting and and creative pursuits.

Stich Studio

Create your cross stitch designs freehand or convert from photos – on a tablet or phone before doing the actual stitching.

Bead Studio

Create your fusible bead designs freehand or convert from photos – on a tablet or phone before making it with real beads.


A fun drawing app – make mirrored or stereoscopic drawings with a lot of customizability.

Bead Studio

Bead Studio is the most versatile and customizable app for making designs in fusible beads. Either freehand or using the built-in image converter. Bead Studio contains color sets from the best known and recognized brands of beads such as Hama, ArtKal, Perler and IKEAs Pyssla. You can combine these colors into your own custom palettes and use them when creating new designs or converting photos.

You only have 10 of the over 40 Hama colors? No problem just create a palette with the beads you have and convert an image to this reduced set of colors.

You have both Hama and ArtKal? No problem just combine them in one palette!

And it doesn’t stop there. Bead Studio is constantly being improved and expanded often based on the feedback received from you users. Latest version now contains a feature enabling you to convert a design from one palette to another. You got a design in Hama but you only have ArtKal beads? No problem just convert it to the nearest colors in the ArtKal set.

Bead Studio is targeted serious fusible bead designing but also caters for children with boards formed as figures and color by numbers.


I am Martin, 44 year old, farther to Sigrid and Einar, living in Aarhus-DK. Professionally I work as team manager for an extremely cool and skilled bunch of Linux developers at Prevas A/S.

I am passionate about winter bathing at Jomsborg, sailing, running and retro computers like C64 and old PC’s and of course software development.

I have been developing software for more than 30 years. Starting for fun as a kid back in 1990, then professionally and now mostly as a hobby.

The idea behind Bead Studio and now Stitch Studio came to me when playing around with beads together with my kids. I thought it would be cool if you could convert a photo into the colors available from for example Hama. A prototype was quickly programmed and people I showed it to thought it was a fun and neat idea. Soon I had made version 1.0 and released it on Google Play.

This was 1. September 2016. Now, 4 years and more than 100.000 downloads later and countless of hours it has now reached version 11.1 with many new features.

But Bead Studio wouldn’t be what it is today without the numerous emails asking for new features or patiently reporting issues. So THANK YOU 🙂

Hopefully Stitch Studio will reach the same popularity and user base, but only time will tell.


BeadStudio upcoming release

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce an updated version of BeadStudio released to Google Play 24. February 2021. I am adding a whole bunch of improvements to this release including New colors from HAMA Support for Yantjouet Yant beads Improved ArtKal colors Diamond layout of beads in staggered/alternating squared boards


The easiest way of getting in contact with me is by e-mail


Please don’t hesitate writing if you have a problem, found a bug or have an idea for a new feature. I will often answer within a few days.